iPhone 7 rose

Alleged chassis of the iPhone 7 rose gold spotted in network

The amount of diagrams and pictures leaked iPhone 7 can not be neglected: the new photos of the alleged iPhone chassis 7 rose gold confirming design and characteristics emerged several times in recent days So far we have seen photographs of the alleged iPhone 7 chassis in gray: now check the network a new picture where it seems immortalized an iPhone 7 rose gold. The image that we report in this article is not excellent quality but still allows us to distinguish good details and characteristics emerged several times in recent weeks.

We refer to the larger hole in the upper left for the camera flanked by a smaller hole for the microphone and immediately at the side from that for the LED flash. Location and dimensions correspond perfectly with the gray chassis seen previously but with different schemes that have enabled us to reconstruct in appearance and render expected design for the next iPhone 7. The image is absent the Smart Connector connector which some do not according to others, and it will instead be implemented only on iPhone 7 Plus.

Identical also the positions of the bands of the antennas that do not allocate more back sides in separate segments but which are in line with the rear edges of the terminal. Finally in the lower right part of the chassis shows a discolored: it may be a sample of pre-production or simply may have been made with the editing. Ultimately also this photo of the supposed iPhone 7 rose gold, reported riparazione iphone roma it seems to confirm the latest rumors: Apple may have changed its strategy a completely new iPhone every two years, to lengthen the cycle by introducing two very similar generations and an iPhone all over again every three years.

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